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    Vinyl Billboards are mounted on structures erected along roadsides and highways to display advertising to passing traffic. Vinyl graphics on the face of the billboard can be viewed from a car for approximately 5 seconds at highway speeds.
    Single Sided Banners are the most cost effective signage to advertise almost anything. We manufactures seamless, Single Sided Banners up to 16ft wide. Single Sided Banners are sized and finished to exact specifications.
    Mobile advertising penetrates the untapped flow of people where they live, shop, work and play. Mobile advertising is an extremely effective medium. 
    Vehicle Wraps cover the customer’s entire vehicle transforming it into an attractive mobile advertisement. Your customers can now advertise everywhere they go.
    Dress up windows or draw attention to special items in the isles of a store.
    Need a little help bringing your vision to life? Our Professional design staff will help you achieve beautiful, effective designs.      
    From small bands to huge stadiums or any size theatre.
    Trade Shows

    Step up your presence when attending trade shows. 

    ... plus, much more. 






Dating back to 1995, our honest hardworking staff has 100 plus combined years of experience in the printing industry. The team at MAXXink has very deep roots in Out-Of-Home advertising (OOH). At MAXXink, our goal is to provide you superior service and the best quality products at a competitive rate.

• Knowledgable staff 

• Reliable service 

• Fast turn times 

• Wholesale

• Retail  

• Volume discounts 


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art info

File Format:

• Any native document with supporting fonts/files (indesign, illustrator, photoshop, etc...), or high-rez PDF, TIF, PSD, etc..

• If saving to PDF please make sure you save as a high-rez pdf (“Press Quality” or better)

• Make sure document raster/effects settings (high-rez 300 dpi) Applies to effects used in illustrator/indesign

• Downsampling:“none”

• Compression:“zip”

Additional Specs:

• Specify PMS colors if possible

• Convert text to curves/outlines (to avoid font conflicts)

• Include all supporting files (images, art, fonts)

• If you use effects in illustrator, indesign, etc., set the raster settings for the document at 300dpi, transparent, and do not “preserve spot colors” (this does funky things when exported as a PDF)

For Billboards:
  1. Create all layouts at 300 dpi, scale: 1” = 1’
  2. Include pantone coated colors, for spot colors.
  3. Include all fonts: postscripts, Suitcase, True Type, etc....
  4. Make sure to include ALL images used in the layout.

Sizing Examples:

If your billboard is 14’x48’, Create it 14”x48” at 300 dpi.

If you billboard is 6’x12’, Create it 6”x12” at 300 dpi.

For High Resolution Printing:
  1. Create all layouts full size at a minimum of 100dpi
  2. Include pantone coated colors, for spot colors.
  3. Include all fonts; postscripts, Suitcase, True Type, etc....
  4. Make sure to include ALL images used in the layout.

Sizing Examples:

If your ad is 72”x48”, Create it 72”x48” at 100dpi.

If your ad is 30”x144”, Create it 30”x144” at 100dpi.

File Delivery:

• If you can send larger files via email, we can receive file sizes up to 25mb. Send email to: info@Maxxink.net 

WeTransfer - send very large files easily

• Any other file sharing you prefer: Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.  

If you have questions about artwork, sizing, templates, etc.  just give us a call. 

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Full Service

We offer graphic design, and custom finishing. From developing the creative to the final print, we do it all under one roof.


Quality Products

We provide premium products & great service. Maxxink is dedicated to quality assurance, because our success depends on it!


Fast Turn Time

Last minute event, forgot to order that sign or banner? No problem, rush orders are welcome.

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FUELING DEMAND >> Mobile Advertising

Maxxink’s mobile advertising division penetrates the untapped flow of people where they live, shop, work and play. Mobile advertising is an extremely effective medium due to its unique message delivery, versatility, and ability to penetrate a receptive audience. Through mobile advertising, Maxxink has the ability to reach your niche target market, or appeal to consumers with a variety of demographic backgrounds and buying interests. It’s an ideal way to follow the flow of shoppers and their spending power, ignite trends, and fuel demand for your products and services. We create new branding opportunities from rush hour to busy nightlife that connect with the viewer and reinforce brand image.


Mobile advertising offers the most targeted, professional, and cost-effective solution to your marketing plan.


91% Of all people notice words on trucks.


74% Develop an impression about acompany based on its products and graphics.


29% Base buying decisionson vehicle graphics.


97%  Recall rates on mobile advertising.


91% Of target audience notices both graphics and text.

Features & Benefits


Our mobile advertising vehicle is an evident and inescapable medium that will attract thousands of new prospects to your products and services. 


MAXXink takes your message to areas where stationary media cannot reach.


Premier Media will tailor an advertising campaign in a specific targeted region or event delivering your message directly to the consumer.


Whether it's a one-day sporting event, two-week promotion, or one-year city-to-city campaign, your needs will be met no matter what time of day you prefer to target.


Our mobile advertising vehicle is equipped with a real time GPS tracking system. You will know that the vehicle is traveling in the markets you want to reach.

Turn Key

MAXXink can design, print, install, and deliver a mobile advertising vehicle with as little as two weeks of lead time.



Pickup & Delivery:

Mon. - Fri. 12pm - 6pm


Shop Address: 

(inside the old Coca-Cola building) 

227 South 17th Street 

Harrisburg, PA 17104 


Mailing Address: 

275 Cumberland Parkway #310

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 


Phone: 1-855-629-9465

Email: info@maxxink.net